Cloud hosting

Cloud Hosting: The Future of Servers

What is Cloud Hosting

When a website is created to be placed, so to say, on the internet it has to have a place where all the information on that site can be stored and protected.

Just as your individual computer has the ability to store information for you, a “server” is essentially a very large computer that all of the website’s information is contained on.

Most servers will actually contain many, many websites at one time.

The servers are maintained by the “host” or the company that owns the servers and essentially leases out space on their servers for clients to “store” their websites or in the case of a medium sized business, all of the information required for the running of the business.

Larger companies will have the necessary resources and space to host their own servers.

Traditionally, a host would have either one or more servers used in tandem to provide the required storage capacity that hosting many websites or business would require.

Cloud hosting differs from a regular or dedicated server system in that rather than the information being stored on a single server the information is spread over many “virtual” servers. In essence, the information is stored in the “cloud” of an extensive network of physical servers.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The benefits of cloud hosting are many.

The most important aspect is the reliability it offers.

When using a single server to host a website, you are at the mercy of that server and its performance. If the server suffers from problems or goes “down” or offline, then you are stuck with no way to access the information that is contained on that server including access to your website by you or your customers.

Bcloud-hostsecause the “cloud” is comprised of many servers in many different data centers (the warehouses that contain rows and rows of servers either owned by one company or by many who rent the space) your information would always be available for access as the entire phalanx of virtual servers would all have to go down at the same time for it to negatively affect you, which is almost an impossibility.

As well, as the underlying physical servers that comprise the “cloud” are all housed in separate data centers the opportunity for anyone to gain access to them is negligible.

Another great feature of cloud hosting is the “scalability” it offers a user. Due to the extent of space made available by virtually ganging together an infinite number of servers the opportunity to expand continuously means that the server will never run short of space, which will allow one to scale up whenever required.

The other factor that makes cloud hosting so popular is that the user only pays for the space they actually use. When “renting” a traditional server in the past a client was essentially on the hook for the “block” of space they committed to whether they ended up using it all or not.

Providers of Dedicated Hosting in Ireland

The Irish market has a wide variety of dedicated web hosting companies.

Some of the most popular choices currently being used by a large amount businesses and individuals are:

  • Host Papa
  • LetsHost
  • wupavhosting
  • spiral hosting
  • Hosting Ireland
  • Blacknight Solutions
  • Web World Ireland
  • hostbucket
  • MyHost.IE
  • alwaysamber

These are just a few examples of the dedicated hosting companies located in or servicing the Irish market.

Each of the companies listed offer a variety of services and prices based on the needs of the individual client.

Depending on your requirements and preferences you should experience no problems finding the right service for your personal needs.