Docker hosting

Docker Hosting Services

What is Docker Hosting

Docker is a new software that is gaining popularity amongst the users worldwide. The software is supported by many important and big name cloud service providers. Essentially, Docker is a software layer that actually automates the download and running of applications inside software containers. The layer works with image based containers that are stacked together in order to run the application free from any issues. Dockers can be complex and is often viewed as relatively intimidating by new users, which is why these hosts have entered the playing field, to help simplify the system and help new users see the plentiful benefits.

Benefits of Docker Hosting

Docker facilitates the running of applications by stacking containers in a flawless manner. Containers can be extremely beneficial as each container obtains and has its own network stack and process space, as in addition to an instance of a file structure.

Additionally, a normal system typically contains a series of software components and elements non crucial or not necessary to the applications it supports. Docker, however, does not, but rather includes only the features and elements required by a given application. This means that there is a decrease in vulnerability of the application as a whole and its environment. Security is easier to manage as the overall footprint is smaller.

These hosts are costly but do provide elaborate offerings and services that cannot be measured by price, but rather by control and benefits. The benefits are countless and numerous and many organizations have gone for Dockers hosting as they see the increased value added by them. Dockers can be complex and hard to use individually, and thus it is best to resort to experts who are able to understand and manage Dockers and all of its features and offerings.

Providers of Docker Hosting in Ireland

  • dotCloud is the oldest host and was the incubator. The unique part about dotCloud is its advanced PaaS service. dotcloudThis allows it to manage web apps with scaling and infrastructure features. The first step in using dotCloud, once installed, is to create a simple text file that outlines the architecture and structure similar to a database or similar. This is complimented by the configuration file on your application. Other features of dotCloud include application control, scaling, monitoring, commanding, backups, servers, and so on.
  • Another provider is Tutum. Similar to dotCloud, it has a clean, CLI interface which allows access to and control over both deployed and local applications. Unique to Tutum, however, is the ability to transfer control of any and all elements of the application to a GUI, a software more familiar and easier to use than CLIs. Also unique to Tutum is the possibility of a free trial period before any financial commitment is required. Docker images are kept safe in a private image registry. Jumpstarts take but a few seconds to run.
  • Copper has created StackDock specifically for Docker hosting services. SSD drives are offered at an extremely affordable rate. 5 dollars gets you a core CPU with an impressive 2 GB of RAM. The images used on Docker are easy come, easy go, making it easy to migrate and use applications amongst providers.
  • Finally, when considering Docker hosts, is another mentionable service. This is a service that provides hosting for specific and private repositories, which is unique to the other, above mentioned providers. This is a service that helps and targets companies with high security and needs. They do not simply target these agencies but also provide free public service and repositories as well. GUI is complete, versatile and robust and controls any and all aspects of applications due to rich features and wide control.