VPS hosting

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is a concept which stems from virtual private servers which are dedicated virtual servers assigned to you for connecting or being part of a network with multiple computers. It is a method of partitioning a single computer into various virtual servers which run on their own dedicated resources. It is done with the help of OS based applications and hosting technology which lets you view several servers on a single mac

vps-hostingThis setup is based on a single computer, usually a server, which is capable of doing this. High-end computers might be able to do this too but of course, it depends on what you are looking to achieve with the servers and how intensive your operations will be. If the primary purpose is to run low-level personal websites, you won’t need a high-end machine, but if it’s a business network, you will need a top end machine for sure.

VPS hosting has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent times. More companies have started adopting it. This way, they don’t just save on resources but can expand per-server quota too. This is very useful as far as cutting costs and spreading resources are concerned.

Benefits of VPS hosting

Overall, you can sum up the benefits of VPS as affordability, reliability and security, full control, guaranteed resources, and better performance. Here’s a look at each one in a little more detail:

  • Affordability: Dedicated servers can provide the other benefits on this list, but it certainly isn’t affordable. With a set of resources which can match dedicated servers, VPS hosting certainly is a cost-effective option for small businesses which need various resources but are struggling with budget constraints.
  • Reliability & Security: VPS hosting is much safer as compared to shared hosting since it’s possible to install strict custom firewalls. Shared hosting is risky since neighbored sites that are affected by security threats can affect other sites on the server too. VPS hosting eliminates this risk completely. It lets users strictly test code and configure settings for filtering traffic and preventing the site from attacks or hacks.
  • Full Control: VPS hosting offers control and complete root access to users. You can configure the operating system the way you want, install the software you want and do pretty much anything you want without any restrictions. You can even tweak the server in order to enhance performance and install custom scripts and apps for running your sites. You will not have such control with shared hosting packages.
  • Guaranteed Resources: VPS offers guaranteed resources for every website. Every hosting plan has CPU, RAM, IP, data transfer, and other resources of their own. Your site can’t be affected by neighboring sites either.
  • Better Performance: In shared hosting, users share all of the resources that are available and this reduces the performance of the host. But when you get guaranteed server resources like with VPS hosting, performance improves. Hosted sites get sufficient disk space and CPU resources. This ensures they run properly at all times. Also, users can customize their servers and enhance hosting performance.

Providers of VPS hosting in Ireland

When it comes to VPS hosting providers in Ireland, these are the top 5. Here’s an unbiased look at each of them along with what they offer:

  • Go Daddy: Unlimited bandwidth. Free domain.
  • Big Commerce: Unlimited bandwidth. Free domain.
  • Site Ground: Unlimited bandwidth. Free domain.
  • Lets Host: Unlimited bandwidth. Chargeable domain.
  • Hosting Ireland: 150 GB of bandwidth. Chargeable domain.

This is some information on VPS hosting. It does look like quite a good option wouldn’t you say? Why don’t you give it a shot?